Retail & Wholesale

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace

Being successful in retail or wholesale starts with relevance. That means a powerful and distinctive positioning that is consistently relayed. Not only in formula and communication, but above all in execution online and offline.

In an industry undergoing rapid change, the path to future-proofing is not easy.

We help companies formulate a clear vision, smart strategy and successful implementation in response to the many challenges facing the industry:

  • Changing customer and buying behavior is forcing companies to make significant adjustments in their operations to remain relevant.
  • Labor market tightness. More important than ever to invest in binding, engaging and thus retaining employees.
  • Scarcity and rising inflation are putting pressure on business models. Integrating, consolidating and entering new markets are increasingly decisive strategic options.
  • ESG and CSRD are now standard. Consumers are critical of sustainability and transparency. Shifting from shareholder to stakeholder value is thus inevitable.
  • Supply chains are becoming more complex, more transparent and subject to major external influences. The perpetuation and optimal establishment of chains remains a priority.

With Gwynt, you are not alone. Together we make the right moves commercially, operationally and financially.

Gwynt organizes Gamechangerz in Retail several times a year. The inspiration and networking event for executives in Retail and Wholesale.

Examples of issues where we can help

  • How do we evolve to a future-proof formula?
  • What does the customer journey of the future mean for our formula?
  • How can we respond faster and better to changing customer preferences?
  • What new value propositions make us distinctive and more relevant?
  • What are our opportunities in digitalization and how do we translate them into a roadmap?
  • How do we get or keep a grip on the chain and optimize availability?
  • How do we engage and retain employees in a highly competitive job market?
  • In what ways can we achieve a daily excellence store operation?
  • How do we use business intelligence smarter to optimize our processes?
  • In what ways do we concretize ESG goals and translate them into execution?
  • How do we make the transition to data-driven category management?
  • What new markets and channels are promising for our formula?
  • How do we successfully enter a new market?

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