Trusted partner with execution power

Gwynt has been helping executives and owners who want to get ahead for 20 years. Ambitious companies in Food & Agri, Retail & Wholesale and Manufacturing.

Creating impact with you

Gwynt has been helping executives and owners who want to get ahead for 20 years. Ambitious companies in Food & Agri, Retail & Wholesale and Manufacturing.

Why do they choose Gwynt? Because as an entrepreneur or CEO, you want a partner who stands beside you. Someone with vision, a clear opinion and his heart on his sleeve. Someone who helps you with concrete advice and implements it with you. Shoulder to shoulder.

Our credo is not for nothing: Creating impact with you.

Entrepreneurship begins with ambition. Wanting to reach that spot on the horizon. From whatever direction the wind comes.

Joris van den Hurk

Partner, Gwynt

Our mission

We deliberately focus specifically on companies in the Food & Agri, Retail & Wholesale and Manufacturing industries. Why? Because they are among the engine of our society. Our mission is to make that engine as powerful as possible.

We do this by combining years of sector specialization with substantive expertise and executive strength in the areas of Strategy & Innovation, Organization & People and Transformation & Operations.

Liberating breakthroughs, lasting results

Our promise is simple. With Gwynt, you realize breakthroughs. Your organization is finally taking that next step. That feels liberating. And delivers lasting results. Before that, our work is not over.

Knowledge of business, eye for people

The key to success has a hard, substantive side and a soft, human side. Gwynt has mastered both.

We speak the language of data, processes, projects and results. At the same time, we are versed in issues of leadership, ownership and human behavior. In creating a culture of excellence.

The human side is extra important in change processes, we know from experience. All our employees are therefore trained in change management following Prosci’s ADKDAR methodology. A research-based approach that is the standard for change management worldwide.

Why the name Gwynt?

Gwynt is Celtic for wind. That’s not a coincidence. Entrepreneurship is sailing on the wind. And that wind is changeable. You have to continuously respond to it. We help entrepreneurs stay on track. No matter how powerful and from what angle the wind blows. Our team provides that breath of fresh air that businesses sometimes need to take the next step.

Our core values


Togetherness is the basis of our relationships and the way we work. We believe it is important to build a relationship of trust with each other and with our clients. Respect, honesty and empathy are paramount.

We share knowledge and experience with each other so that everyone benefits permanently. It is our intention to release all potential energy, knowledge and expertise present in clients. Thus, together we realize the desired results, aimed at sustainable growth from within.


We take initiative with concrete solutions and are proactive in realizing plans made. We do not sit on the sidelines, but take an active part in making changes where necessary. Our pragmatic way of working leads to visible improvements and tangible results.


We are aware of our own and others’ behavior and its impact on others and the organization. We discuss behaviors, emotions and patterns.

We compliment and give feedback, encouraging the development of talents and leadership present. In this way, we promote a culture of sustainable growth and continuous improvement.


We are challenging because we arrive at surprising insights based on facts and our expertise that spur the implementation of innovative solutions. Challenging is also when we encourage people and organizations to rise above themselves and help them make strides professionally and in their personal effectiveness and leadership.

Meet our team

Gwynt consists of a well-established team of consultants and interim managers.
Professionals with years of industry experience, substance and vigor.

Getting acquainted?

Contact Bas van Eekelen, partner at Gwynt.
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