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Successful business in a changing food chain

The current food system is becoming ecologically, socially and economically stagnant. The effects are felt throughout the chain. The need for change is great and driven by ever new innovations and competitors.

We help food companies become future-proof within this complexity. This means making plans and realizing breakthroughs in response to existing and new challenges:

  • Increasing pressure on margins influenced by scarcity of raw materials, energy and labor places new demands on operational excellence.
  • Emergence of new technology with new opportunities in automation and robotization, requires a sharp vision of network and operation.
  • Growing complexity due to customer demand, laws and regulations and sustainability requires sharp choices in portfolio and activities.
  • Dependencies and uncertainties within the supply chain again put supply chain strategy high on the priority list.
  • Above all, however, it is important to keep innovating: faster, smarter and with all chain partners. How do you do this and make sure it also leads to earning capacity.

Typical challenges where entrepreneurship and professionalization come together. In this, we are the partner who makes the difference with substantive expertise, sector knowledge and execution power.

Gwynt regularly organizes Gamechangerz in Food events focused on current topics within Food. Meetings where we offer participants the opportunity to come to new insights, network and learn from each other from real-world experience.

Examples of issues where we can help

  • How do we leverage our competencies in a changing food system?
  • What is the smartest portfolio strategy for returns, now and later?
  • How do we prepare for new rules of the game, technologies and customer demands?
  • Innovating more effectively and efficiently, what does this require and where do I start?
  • In what ways do we translate our ambition into leadership and organization?
  • How do we make our production process more sustainable, cleaner and more efficient?
  • How do I achieve a culture of excellence in operations and commerce?
  • For us, what are the material issues within sustainability?
  • A future-proof supply chain, what does it look like for us?
  • What is the role of partnerships to build further scale?

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