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Market and customer research

When gut feeling alone is no longer enough

New plans? Gwynt provides the substantiation

You cannot rely on intuition alone. You need to be sure the course is the right one. Because wrong strategic choices have major consequences.

Research provides insight, clarity and guidance. As a result, you don’t have to go overnight.

Examples of situations where good research can be valuable:

  • You are considering expansion into a new country, channel or segment, but are not yet sure which choice is most promising.
  • The number of customers is declining, but it is not clear why and what could be a good answer to this.
  • You were always at the forefront of the market, but new entrants and business models form an increasing threat.

Insight, interpretation and concrete advice

Gwynt has in-house market and customer research capabilities. In addition, we have partnerships with reputable research firms.

We link insight and interpretation to concrete advice. That’s what makes us unique. There is immediately a solid foundation under your optimization or expansion plans.

Gwynt continues where regular research firms stop.

Bas van Eekelen

Partner, Gwynt

Research opportunities

  • Quantitative research including desk, database and panel research
  • Qualitative research such as interviews, focus groups and customization

Market and customer research benefits by Gwynt

  • Own researchers in collaboration with reputable agencies
  • A strong network with relevant experts and decision makers in numerous industries
  • Sector knowledge and subject matter expertise for clear insights and concrete advice
  • Sound rationale for decision-making and strategic plans

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