Solutions with lasting results

Creating breakthroughs during growth, stagnation or severe weather

Whether your business is growing, stagnant or in dire straits, you want to take that next step. Gwynt knows what it takes to do that.

Concrete advice, real solutions

As an executive or entrepreneur, you are not waiting for thick advisory reports written in consulting language. You want concrete advice. Real solutions. From a sparring partner who thinks along. Knows what needs to be done. And makes sure that it happens.

Gwynt is that partner. Together, we reduce the issue to its essence. Then we set things in motion side by side.

We offer solutions in 3 areas:

Strategy & Innovation

Concrete strategic advice. Clear business plans and sustainable solutions that lay the foundation for future-proofing.

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Organization & People

Structure and design of organization. Develop leadership, ownership and talent. Making successful breakthroughs together.

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Transformation & Operations

Excelling in commerce, operations and supply chain. Implementation with an eye for the human side of change. Program and interim management.

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Optimizing for growth

Sustain and accelerate growth? Taking advantage of new expansion opportunities? Together we will take the steps necessary to achieve this:

  • Clear strategy and business plans
  • Organizational development and process design
  • Support with funding
  • Guidance on acquisitions and integrations

Transforming when results are stagnant

Is growth stalling and results stagnating? Then it is time for transformation. Gwynt gets your business back on track:

  • Reorganizations and change processes
  • Professionalization and ‘Culture of Excellence’
  • Cost optimization and profit improvement

Restructuring in the face of financial hardship

Is the continuity of the business at stake? Gwynt knows what it takes to get back into calmer waters:

  • Quick scans
  • Financial forecasting and management information
  • Restoring trust and relationship with bank and investors
  • Turnaround and CRO interim management

Gwynt has a pragmatic approach. In addition to having a strategically sound vision and plan, there is continuous tuning to see if we are still on the same page and if the plan is actually in line with practice. And that works.

Steven van Nieuwenhuijzen

CEO, Lensli - Horticoop

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