Staying ahead in the manufacturing industry

The bar in manufacturing is raised every year. Achieving growth as a manufacturing company and a future-proof business are therefore not a given.

Today’s challenges are not only large and complex. They come from all directions. Companies thus have a high risk of becoming unbalanced.

  • Finding technical staff is becoming increasingly difficult. Do you want to grow as a manufacturing company or even maintain the current position? Then efficiency and output per FTE must go up.
  • Sustainability is no longer optional. The advent of the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires more and more companies to report on their sustainability policies and performance.
  • Scarcity and geopolitical developments are causing material shortages and volatile prices worldwide. Manufacturing companies will have to use raw materials and materials even more efficiently.
  • Global supply chains are more vulnerable than ever. Manufacturing companies must make strategic choices about what is produced where. What will it be: make, move or buy?
  • Changing situations require constant alertness and response. To stay in control and respond quickly and well, digitization is key. It makes production and supply chain processes transparent and helps optimize the use of personnel.
  • The rising demand for customization is increasing complexity and complicating the production process. How do you manage this complexity and what can you standardize.

So it is important to create rest in the organization. To then strengthen the foundation and build for the future from there.

    Examples of issues where we can help

    • What positioning do we choose and how do we differentiate ourselves?
    • How do we better organize our business to best serve the customer?
    • How do we deploy our people and resources as effectively and efficiently as possible?
    • What new technologies can increase the output of our processes?
    • How can we comply with the CSRD and improve our sustainability policies?
    • How do we use scarce resources more efficiently? And are there alternative materials or methods to minimize uncertainties in the supply chain?
    • How do we make our supply chain less dependent on geopolitical influences?
    • What strategic choices should we make when it comes to production sites?
    • How do we find, attract and retain well-qualified technical staff?
    • In what ways can business intelligence help to respond more appropriately?
    • How do we foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation?
    • What partnerships help strengthen our position?

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