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Portfolio optimization

Achieve the right balance between distinctiveness and profitability

Portfolio optimization: achieve optimal customer value

Innovating is crucial to staying ahead. So you are constantly looking for new concepts and propositions. This requires a robust portfolio strategy that allows room for innovation while excluding unnecessary complexity.

Gwynt helps find the right balance. Typical questions in this regard:

  • How do we increase distinctiveness profitably?
  • What is the real cost and value of our products and services?
  • Which activities do not add value or could be smarter?

Portfolio optimization: our proven approach

Portfolio optimization starts with business strategy and a good understanding of sales, margin and cost structure. Gwynt supports you in this with a proven approach that objectifies complexity.

Together, we clarify underlying drivers, creating a framework for proper discussion and choices around value-added and assortment rationalization. The method provides a clear framework for pricing strategies and also provides immediate insight into which products contribute relatively high levels of complexity and cost.

We also support the creation of innovation and product development using our experience and best practices in the market. In this, we help different teams work together effectively and efficiently using clear roles, processes, consultation and tools.

Gwynt keeps us on our toes. Hard agreements. Bring in tools, resources and models that make it understandable and manageable for us in implementation. Gwynt is not averse to shrugging his shoulders either

Ruud Kloek

Managing Director, Madern Tooling

Benefits portfolio optimization by Gwynt

Vision and grip on the portfolio

More overview and peace of mind in daily operations

Improving efficiency and profitability

Eliminate hidden costs

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