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Making an impact together at the most beautiful companies!

Working at Gwynt?

That is creating impact for and with the most beautiful companies. Family businesses often. With a long history. And grand ambitions for the future. But also with all the challenges that come with it. We are the consultants who help them do that.

Our field of activity?
– Strategy & Innovation
– Organization & People
– Transformation & Operations

Side by side, we create impact. In the boardroom. In the workplace. Anywhere needed.

The Gwynt feeling

In many ways, Gwynt resembles a family business. We are not about quick profits, but about sustainable growth. Of long-term relationships. Engagement. Taking responsibility. Roll up your sleeves. Collaboration. A close, informal atmosphere.

You’ll also see it reflected in our core values:


Togetherness is the basis of our relationships and the way we work. We believe it is important to build a relationship of mutual trust. And to share knowledge and experience with each other so that everyone benefits permanently.

It is our intention to release all potential energy, knowledge and skill with each other so that together we grow and achieve success. This is how we work together to achieve the desired results, aimed at sustainable growth from within.


We take initiative with concrete solutions and are proactive in realizing plans made. We do not sit on the sidelines, but take action where necessary. Our pragmatic way of working leads to visible improvements and tangible results.


We are aware of our own and others’ behavior and its impact on others and the organization. We discuss behaviors, emotions and patterns. We compliment and give feedback, encouraging the development of talents and leadership present. In this way, we promote a culture of sustainable growth and continuous improvement.


We are challenging because we arrive at surprising insights based on facts and our expertise, which spur the implementation of innovative solutions.

We also encourage people and organizations to rise above themselves and help them make strides. Both professionally and in their personal effectiveness and leadership.

Together we will go for it!

We like transparency and honesty with each other. In addition, we apply the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients themselves. No bureaucracy or political games, but working together to build a great company.

From day one, you are part of the team and your voice counts. We are sincerely curious about your input, ideas and ambitions. What we can learn from you.

Conversely, at Gwynt, you’re also going to learn a lot. It could not be otherwise, with so much variety in projects, fields and sectors. And with such colleagues and clients.

Growing at Gwynt

In any case, you will enter an environment focused on growth and development. Where you are challenged to continually develop yourself. As human beings and as professionals. Because as you grow, so do we.

So we facilitate your development in numerous ways:

  • Good supervision on challenging projects
  • Mentoring programs with coaching on content and skills
  • Trainings that will boost your development

In short, you will have plenty of room and opportunities to hone your skills and competencies and increase your potential.

“Bij Gwynt is er erg veel kennis aanwezig en dat met een relatief klein team. We zijn informeel naar elkaar toe en de drempel om elkaar op te zoeken is laag waardoor er veel informatie wordt uitgewisseld, er sparring plaatsvindt en we elkaar van feedback voorzien. Dit doen we op een professionele en leuke manier. Daarnaast krijgen we volop mogelijkheden om onszelf te blijven ontwikkelen. Dit uit zich in het aanbod van interne en externe trainingen en de coaching tijdens projecten. De persoonlijke ontwikkeling staat centraal en dat waardeer ik. Bovendien besteden we veel aandacht aan teambuilding. Zo hebben we regelmatig een teamuitje en zijn de zomer barbecue en het kerstdiner terugkerende events.”


Frenky van Esdonk
Business Associate
Gwynt B.V.

“We work with a broad perspective at Gwynt; we see a lot of great companies from different perspectives. This makes the work very diverse and dynamic. No day is the same.

There is a lot of trust and room for development. You can do the work independently, but there are also fine colleagues you can hang out with and spar with. You’re on the road a lot, but we also have a nice home base.”

Dennis Heijstraten
Senior Business Associate

“The great thing about working at Gwynt is that you have your feet in the clay. Understanding the customer and the company well by being involved in both operations and offices. Preferably also spend a day helping out/participating within the operation. Shoulder to shoulder with management, and often the (family) owners and investors. As a result, the projects where we add value often benefit or touch key stakeholders directly in the wallet. This is different for me than I was used to in more corporate environments, for example.”

Max van Ballegooijen
Business Associate

“The variation in clients and projects really appeals to me; it gives you a view of the entire chain. I also really like the fact that we are not that big in terms of number of employees, but we make a lot of impact with our clients. I think there are few companies that can match that.”

Daan Mestrum
Senior Business Associate

“At Gwynt, I get the space and confidence to do what I’m energized by. And I do that with incredibly nice colleagues around me. This ensures that I enjoy going to work every day!”

Nina van Erp
Commercieel Office Manager

More than just work

Gwynt’s strength is in our people. And how they work together as a team. Strong teams are built on trust, collaboration and shared experiences. Therefore, we regularly organize fun team activities.

From cozy team dinners and creative workshops to outdoor adventure trips. Activities that you still talk about years later.

Our home base

Our home base is a monumental villa on an estate in Esch, close to Den Bosch. A wonderful incubator for coming up with ideas and working on plans. It is also where we collaborate on projects for and facilitate workshops for clients.

Depending on your position and project, you will also spend a lot of time at the client’s location. To work side by side with the client to implement the plan.

See our vacancies

Would you like to join us in making breakthroughs at the finest companies? Are you ready for the next step in your career? And do you enjoy being part of a team that pushes boundaries? Check out our job openings below and apply.

Let’s create impact together!