Shoulder to shoulder

Whether you want to change out of ambition or need to change out of necessity, with Gwynt you are not alone. Literally. Shoulder to shoulder, we take the steps necessary.

As an entrepreneur, you want concrete advice. From experienced, committed professionals who will put it into practice with you. Because that gives the best guarantee of success.

Our approach

The steps themselves are self-explanatory. It is the interpretation that makes the difference.

Every solution is customized

Standard solutions that work for everyone? Forget it. Every business is different. Every issue is different. That’s why we don’t believe in a set approach. Our solutions are always customized.

We build on our knowledge, experience and professionals. Which always results in an approach and plan that seamlessly matches the need. The fact that our team is trained in the Prosci® change management methodology guarantees supported solutions and successful implementation.

    Analyzing and creating clarity

    The first step is to listen and understand what is going on. What is the goal and what stands in the way of achieving it?

    Often an assignment is not yet tightly defined. This is the time to clarify that together.

    In doing so, we also look at stakeholders. What interests are at stake? We make opinions transparent. And bring clarity to the discussion by making it factual and objective.

    Layer by layer, we scan the company and peel problems down to the core. But we also include the bigger picture. Context. Both internally and externally.

    The strategy that sets everything in motion

    Together we develop a strategic plan in which everything comes together and creates movement.

    The beauty of this plan? It is practical, purposeful and actionable. And widely supported throughout the organization.

    It answers all the important questions. What is the dot on the horizon? What steps are needed to do this? How are we going to put them?

    Together we ensure successful implementation

    No one knows your business better than you. That’s why we work together intensively from the beginning. With a powerful and ingrained team, we create impact. Generalists and specialists with experience and in-depth sector knowledge.

    Gwynt understood very well the DNA of our family business. And they knew what was going on in the market. This allowed them to help us well in redefining our strategy and implementing it in daily practice.

    Peter Schouten

    General Manager, Schouten Europe

    Our vision

    On the split of many companies

    Building a business begins with entrepreneurship. Pioneering. Seeing opportunities. Daring and leadership.

    But without structure, you quickly become stranded. There comes a time when professionalizing becomes important. Optimize. Standardize. Scaling up. Managing. perpetuate what has been built.

    In order to get back to business.

    Each new phase of life is difficult. Because entrepreneurship and professionalization are opposing competencies. Many companies get caught in a split here.

    The solution? That one is in the middle. At the interface of entrepreneurship and professionalization. This is often where the real innovation that is needed to make breakthroughs occurs.

    That split is our territory. This is where we make a difference.

    Our customer cases

    Our experiences with our customers.

    Business process optimization at High Tech company

    Business process optimization at High Tech company

    Situation A Dutch family business requested our help with optimizing business processes. The company operates in the High tech industry and focused on the semiconduct, analytical and medical markets. The organization has a dozen offices and 2 R&D sites worldwide....

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    Improving quality at an electric bike manufacturer

    Improving quality at an electric bike manufacturer

    Situation Our client is a Dutch manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles. The organization was founded more than 10 years ago and employs about 550 people. From the management came the request to professionalize the operation and bring the quality performance to a...

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    Want to know more about our vision and approach?

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