Value creation with portfolio companies

Dedicated partner of private equity

Over the past 20 years, Gwynt has emerged as a dedicated, strategic partner to investors. We bring substantive expertise and sector knowledge, which makes potential and risk of investment tangible.

We develop and validate plans, with the ambition to also implement them shoulder to shoulder with the management of portfolio companies. We are mostly the lock on the door that the intended value creation is actually realized. Our execution power prevents surprises and provides grip.

Our sweet spot? Entrepreneurial companies in food & agri, retail & wholesale and manufacturing.

Investment and value creation

Investment is all about identifying opportunities and turning them into value creation. However, it always starts with doing your homework properly. And we can support that.

Strategy and identification

Where are we now with our portfolio and where do we want to go? What do we learn from sector trends and market research? Which companies fit our strategic objectives?

Due diligence

Assessing potential acquisition candidates: vendor due diligence, commercial diligence, operational diligence. Create business cases, including growth potential and synergies. We bite down and get to the bottom of it.

Is the acquisition complete? Then the real value creation starts: the integration or carve-out and transformation. This is where our experienced team of professionals makes a difference.

In the preliminary stages of mergers and acquisitions, we operate side by side with the investor. After the transaction, we work side by side with the management of the new acquisition.

Successful transformation

True transformation requires oversight, ownership and decisiveness. And that is exactly what you can expect from us.

We provide execution power through project, program, change and interim management. Our experienced professionals provide solicited and unsolicited advice and support. Coach the executive team and get the company ready for the next phase.

Want to know more?

Contact Michel Beckers, Business Director at Gwynt.
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