Gwynt is the consultancy firm for companies wanting to expand, grow or simply be more successful at what they do. Does your company want to achieve a real breakthrough on strategic or operational level in the food, industry, retail or wholesale sector? We can help. We understand the impact of market dynamics on propositions, revenue models and operations and we understand why it’s so important for companies to not only anticipate them but also respond to them swiftly and effectively. Using a combination of market knowledge, unrivalled expertise, strategic thinking and change management skills, we help companies play a bigger (or different) game because it’s necessary for survival or because it offers exciting new opportunities. We show management teams how to be more decisive, focus on priorities and stay ahead of the curve by gaining a new perspective. That’s how our clients achieve permanent results, new or rekindled growth, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our approach

Your future success depends on historic legacies and new ways of thinking and operating. It also depends on your ability to create a professional organisation and to develop a vision and set of values that your people recognise and accept. Without these, your business can’t grow.

Our starting point is a short, intensive scan of your business to define your current situation and identify your priorities. Our approach is outside-in, starting with your customers at a strategic and tactical level. Then we get to work on the priorities that will have the biggest impact. That might be carrying out a strategic reorientation, accelerating your innovation processes, or professionalising and restructuring your organisation.

Any company can stumble over a primary process, no matter how long it’s been in business or how much potential it has. And any company can be threatened by new competitors or business models, no matter how well run they are. Together with your team, we can help you proceed swiftly and confidently to the next growth stage.

We’re ready to help you

We help management and their companies achieve their ambitions by providing a results-oriented service in consulting, project management, programme management and interim management. Our speciality is carrying out changes hand in hand with our customers.

Our professionals are trained in the Prosci® change management methodology, and so they use the ADKAR model to help companies manage change to achieve the ultimate goal: a successful and sustainable breakthrough.

Food, retail, industry & family businesses

We work with enterprising companies in the food, industry, retail and wholesale sectors. We also have extensive experience working with family businesses. Focusing on these specific markets lets us provide specialist expertise and get quickly to the heart of the matter.







family businesses

family businesses


We believe in carrying out changes and achieving concrete results by working together with our customers. This asks for dedicated consultants and experienced interim managers. Meet our team.


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