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Building a future-proof supply chain

Is your supply chain future-proof?

Do you want to be future-ready as a company? Then a resilient, sustainable supply chain is crucial. Because the world is changing at lightning speed. Important trends and developments that are hard to ignore:

  • Scarcity and rising costs
  • Increasing uncertainties in the chain
  • From globalization to regionalization
  • Sustainability and new legislation
  • Technology and artificial intelligence

Reasons enough to continuously work on tomorrow’s supply chain and be critical in answering, for example, the following questions:

  • Is our supply chain still serving customer needs?
  • How do we bring inventory levels down but service levels up?
  • How to anticipate risk without extreme inventories and additional costs?
  • How do we achieve cooperation and transparency in the chain?
  • Has our company outgrown network capabilities?
  • How do we optimize our distribution structure?

A future proof supply chain according to Gwynt

The increasing demands and dynamics in distribution chains require transparency, flexibility and cooperation in the chain. While growth requires scalability, standardization and processes designed for flexibility.

This means that companies must fundamentally change the way they work. You don’t solve future obstacles with yesterday’s logic. Gwynt helps you achieve a future-proof supply chain that is scalable, flexible, sustainable and resilient.

A future-proof supply chain is set up for change.

Rianne Land

Senior Business Associate, Gwynt

Supply chain management: our approach

Supply chain management touches all levels of the business. The same is true of our approach. As needed, we create breakthroughs at any level.

It may involve a complete supply chain transformation, based on a new business strategy. Or for a targeted improvement program in a specific area, such as the planning process or the physical flow of goods.

Shoulder to shoulder we set to work. Not only with strategy, but also with execution.

From supply chain strategy to implementation

Transforming a supply chain and securing new processes is a complex change process. Gwynt knows what it takes to do this and is happy to take the lead in implementation.

Our extensive change management expertise makes all the difference here. We use Prosci’s ADKDAR methodology. A research-based approach that is the standard for change management worldwide.

Thanks to our experience and pragmatic approach, we make quick strides and you see results quickly.

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