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Program management: usefulness and necessity

A strategic plan becomes valuable only when you successfully implement it. This sounds simple but in practice it often becomes clear how difficult this sometimes is.

As an entrepreneur, you face a large number of complex projects, with high risks in terms of investment and lead time, for example.

Then good program management quickly becomes indispensable.

Questions that often accompany this:

  • Is there no clear overview around progress, milestones and results?
  • Are projects already stalled or at high risk of stalling?
  • Is there overload and lack of ownership and cooperation?
  • Are new solutions or processes not well adopted by users?

Program management in practice

Program management is the effective strategic coordination of multiple related projects so that synergy and efficiency benefits are created. The goal: successful implementation of the strategic vision.

The role of project (portfolio) management in this is immediately obvious, but change management is still too often underestimated. This touches on the soft, human side. While that very one is decisive. Because in the end, it is always people who must embrace and live up to the vision.

So effective change is ultimately an interplay between processes, people and leadership. The same goes for our own role. Shoulder to shoulder, we take the steps that lead to the desired change.

Setting up project, change and program governance is in trusted hands with us. With over 20 years of experience and a broad pallet of tools, we know better than anyone else what works and what it takes to do so. The effect is grip: always knowing where you stand, right decisions in the right place and securing successful implementations.

Our approach: the 3-phase model of Prosci

Gywnt tackles major change projects according to Prosci’s three-phase model. This is a research-based methodology that is the proven standard for change management worldwide.


Analysis and strategy

We structurally map the playing field and challenges. Complex change processes we always start with an assessment. This provides an overview of preconditions and risks. And lays the foundation for ownership and direction.


Managing change

In this phase, we develop the change approach and concrete resources to support colleagues. We deploy these and look keenly at impact on daily behavior and (business) results.


Securing the change in the organization

We secure the new way of working well in the organization. Instead of “changing,” it becomes “running the business. Managing this is important and especially ownership.

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