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Organization, leadership and ownership

Effectively organizing competencies and collaboration

Let your organization grow with you

As your business grows, the way you work does not automatically evolve with it. Complexity is increasing and adaptability and efficiency are slowly coming under pressure.

Do existing structures, monitoring and processes no longer meet current needs? Then it makes sense to revisit your organizational setup and make improvements where necessary.

Situations in which this soon comes up:

  • Rapidly growing revenue and scale
  • Adjusting or tightening strategy
  • New activities or markets
  • New owner or acquisitions

Redesigning your organization for better performance

Gwynt helps you redesign your organizational setup and successfully implement it. Together we make choices at different levels.



How is the organization set up? What does the current strategy look like? How is success defined in terms of results? What does success look like in terms of goals?



What competencies will be crucial to achieving goals in the com ing years?


Structure, roles and responsibilities

How do we optimally set up the organization? What kind of leadership is needed? What teams, functions and levels are required and how does the whole thing work together


Performance management and ownership

How do we monitor and assess performance in relation to objectives? How do we ensure ownership and effective consultation across functions?


Processes and standards

What processes and standards do we need? How do we ensure that these run effectively and efficiently? In what ways do we encourage continuous improvement?

Grip on business processes and performance

Gwynt has extensive experience in setting up effective organizations. Strong leadership and employees who are in their power. Effective collaboration and ownership based on clear roles and responsibilities. Efficient processes through standards, monitoring and continuous improvement.

Want to know more?

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