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Making digitization part of your DNA

Digitization is no longer an option but a must. Traditional business models and margins are under pressure. On the one hand, due to changing customer behavior. On the other hand, due to increasing competition and rising costs.

So you have to anticipate. Being able to respond quickly to changes. Provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. But also work more efficiently. Making digitization part of your DNA is key and so is seeing new growth opportunities.

In practice, however, you quickly run into the complexity of the ever-growing possibilities and applications. Gwynt has extensive experience with digitization projects and knows the pitfalls. Together we make the right steps at the right pace.


Questions in which we help include:

  • How do we integrate digitization into the overall strategy?
  • Where in the chain is there the most value for digitization?
  • What phasing should we follow with our digital strategy?
  • Where and when should we really deploy AI, genAI or robotization?
  • How can digitization make our organization and employees work more efficiently?
  • What do we need to change in our organization to digitize?

Digitization is not only a means of survival, but also an engine for growth and competitive advantage.

Danny Groenenboom

Business Principal, Gwynt

Digitalization roadmap: from strategy to execution

Developing and rolling out a future-proof roadmap for digitization is a process that requires a careful approach. At Gwynt, this is in good hands. Because of our step-by-step approach, we don’t overlook anything.


Horizon Planning

  • Horizon planning workshops focusing on combining (current) strategy and business plans with digital transformation opportunities
  • Facilitate digital transformation inspiration sessions with both internal and external vendors

Prioritize ongoing projects

Current projects ranked by relevant variables: urgency, complexity, cost savings, productivity or yield improvement, strategic importance and investment.

  • Assessment of ongoing projects
  • Combining and categorizing building blocks from horizon planning
  • Analyze and determine variables that have impact

People & Way of working

Preconditions for success: employer branding, talent development, recruitment, retention, way of working.

  • Analysis current way of working
  • Analysis current capabilities organization
  • Understanding fit/gap on capabilities including improvement plan

Technology & Suppliers

Future-proofing IT architecture and vendors.

  • Analysis of current architecture
  • Understanding fit/gap current architecture versus horizon planning
  • Understanding fit/gap capabilities external suppliers including improvement advice

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