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Programs for motivated employees

Engaging and engaging employees remains a key success factor. Moreover, the job market for many positions is challenging. So companies that succeed in creating positivity in the workplace have an edge. Also with customers.

Motivated, positive-minded employees have a significant impact on customer experience. And thus on the commercial result.

With employee activation and motivation programs, Gwynt supports retailers and other organizations in this regard.


Why an activation and motivation program?

  • Attract and retain employees
  • Increased job satisfaction, increased productivity
  • Motivated, proactive employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve customer experience

Engaging and engaging employees: our approach



Using inspiring real-life examples, we will show you how to apply a motivation and activation program in your organization. Based on the strategic principles, we determine which focus areas are important and outline the initial contours (ground rules) of the program.



The “game plan” is made concrete. We define the roles of the “players” and the preconditions for success. Based on the focus areas, we work out the assignments or “challenges” in detail, in line with daily work. We establish a roadmap for implementation and communication.


Play to progress

The program is about to start! At this stage, you are able to manage the program yourself. Together, we monitor the course of the program and how the results develop. Where necessary, we make adjustments.

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