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Store Operation

Securing execution, customer experience and appeal as an employer

An excellent store operation

Within retail organizations, it is a daily challenge to be ready for tomorrow. The spiral can quickly move in the wrong direction, causing you to lose your grip on your key KPIs, such as revenue, shrinkage and payroll.

Questions we often encounter:

  • How do we ensure a perfect daily rhythm, taking the right (0-1,2,3) counts at the quietest time?
  • How do we plan the people to the work and not the work to the people?
  • How do we ensure that residuals run consistently at the daily and weekly level?
  • How do we get everything organized so that we also have time to pay extra attention to the customer and do real (local) business?

Gwynt brings structural improvement

At Gwynt, we have years of experience with improvement projects in store operations. As a result, we have many best practices and speak the language of the store floor.

What to expect.

We work side by side, together

With a quick scan we reveal the potential for improvement

Concrete plan of action that empowers store employees

Dashboarding that monitors and empowers change with data

Continuous attention to the human side of change

Better store operations start with insight

We understand the complexity that comes together every day. That’s why we always start with a quick scan, which identifies the main processes.

Counting & Ordering

  • Fixed (berry) counting moments
  • Customer and demand forecasting
  • Seasonal and event influences

Waste & Remainders

  • Filling process and residual policy
  • Floor Matrix
  • (Dynamic) markdown policy
  • Quality checkout, SCO and self-scanning process

Goods Receipt & Return

  • Digital packing slips
  • BAS schemes
  • Sample checks
  • Event control (Christmas/Easter)

Planning & Standards

  • Daily and weekly rhythm
  • Fill standards
  • Payroll
  • Instore Click & Collect

Entrepreneurship & Organization

  • Local involvement
  • Healthy W file
  • Activation & Motivation
  • Savings programs

Then we come up with concrete plans and action items, which we put into practice with the team. We actively drive a store operation that gets better every day.

Want to know more?

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