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Realizing a seamless customer experience

Omnichannel: putting the customer first

Customers expect a consistent proposition and brand experience, regardless of the channel used. If you want to achieve this as a company, it starts with properly creating an omnichannel organization. This seems easy but in practice, it is far from simple.

Questions we often encounter:

  • What does the current and ideal customer journey look like?
  • What does a consistent customer experience across all channels mean?
  • How do we embed omnichannel processes throughout the organization?
  • How do we take our omnichannel approach to the next level?
  • In what ways do we translate our omnichannel into a digital roadmap?

Omnichannel roadmap

Omnichannel is not a party of the e-commerce or IT department, but touches the entire organization. Transforming into a true omnichannel organization requires involvement, alignment and commitment from all stakeholders.

Gwynt supports companies with a structured omnichannel program consisting of 4 steps.



Where do you stand now? We do an initial quick scan to identify bottlenecks through the customer journey.


Setting direction

We set a dot on the horizon or sharpen the current omnichannel strategy.


Set up program

We create a “Gap analysis” and a realistic roadmap for realization.



We secure sponsorship, project management and change management.

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