20 October 2018


An international group of companies that produces high-pressure containers and cryogenic barrels for the oil and gas industry. It has production locations in the Netherlands, Bangkok and Dubai. It’s a second-generation family company managed by two brothers, with no less than eight potential successors (the third generation).


The group needed a clear strategy and a roadmap to the future. The cohesion between the various companies and their mutual synergies had to be clarified and the growth potential of the different products and services identified.


We set up workshops with the managing directors/major shareholders and all company directors in the group. We also interviewed all department heads of the central organisation and walked through the processes in each plant. This groundwork enabled us to transfer—in workshops—existing knowledge to the third generation, who will probably be brought in over the next five to ten years. Our final step was to make a roadmap for the future transition between second and third generations.


  • Identification of operational improvement areas and improvement potential
  • Explicit definition of the family DNA to lead the company for the next generation
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for the owners (explicit and implicit)
  • Strategic transition roadmap for succession and transition, with a buy-in and a sense of urgency for all people concerned

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