Objective data is often lacking in family-owned businesses. That can lead to ill-informed decisions. An extraordinarily complex portfolio, many ‘long-tail’ products and steadily rising costs can be the result.

Our supply chain improvement programmes require a clear identification of your various sale channels, the products sold in those channels, and the differentiated promises made in those channels. This will allow you to make clear choices about your commercial strategy. Giving your sales people a sharper focus and an optimised, well-managed product portfolio will enable them to manage sales activities much more effectively.

Our approach & services

Using information to manage effectively

Apply our Culture of Excellence principles to all commercial aspects of your organisation and you’ll be rewarded with more focused sales activities. Underpinning these principles are three concepts: ‘know your course’, ‘harmonise teamwork’ and ‘realise continuous improvement’. If the right information (internal performance and customer feedback) is regularly reported to and discussed by all parties concerned. You can develop a culture which places the continuous improvement of customer experience first and foremost.

Optimising the product portfolio

Een traditionele analyse van de omzet van de producten geeft direct inzicht in de ‘longtail’ van het gevoerde assortiment. Deze analyse combineren we met winstgevendheid en leeftijd van de producten, gevraagde servicelevels van klanten per afzetkanaal en de vraagkarakteristieken. Deze inzichten maakt het mogelijk om intensieve discussies te voeren met de verschillende stakeholders. Afscheid nemen van producten blijkt vaak een moeilijke beslissing te zijn, maar is bij veel van onze klanten wel een noodzakelijke. Naast het optimaliseren van het bestaande portfolio wordt tevens bepaald hoe het portfolio beheerd kan worden.

Deciding to discontinue certain products can prove difficult, but many of our customers have realised that it’s a necessary step. Before you make your decision, we’ll conduct a traditional analysis of product sales to give you clear insight into the ‘long tail’ of your product range. We’ll then combine the results with the profitability and age of your products, the requested service levels of customers per sale channel, and demand characteristics. These subsequent insights will allow you to hold intensive discussions with various stakeholders. Optimise your existing portfolio. And manage your portfolio going forward.

Would you like to know more about commercial & portfolio optimisation?

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