In formulating your business strategy, you have identified your chosen market segments and value propositions. It is important to determine how you will deliver these propositions at the lowest possible costs.

A top-down approach is the only correct approach, in our opinion. By looking first at the total network, suppliers, production, logistics and distribution canals, it is easier to decide who should fulfil which roles. This involves evaluating not only the company’s current performance but also its capacities.

The choices you make for your network’s ‘blueprint’ have consequences for both manufacturing and supply chain roles. Moreover, your choices are very strategic in nature, so any modifications are likely to have a large financial impact. Making choices as objectively as possible is essential.

Our approach & services

Industrial footprint organisation

What are the current roles of your factories and suppliers? Does your production chain have several characteristics (e.g. low production costs or great flexibility)? Have you made any specific production developments and investments?

We’ll carry out a structured assessment to examine the best possible division of roles in your production chain. We’ll look at both the supplier side and your own production locations, considering several scenarios regarding revenue expectations and technological developments. Both aspects have a huge impact on your organisation’s capacities.

Supply Chain strategy

Your supply chain strategy derives from the overarching business and commercial strategy. What is the optimal Supply Chain blueprint? Which planning processes are necessary, and which planning principles fit best? Your organisation and ICT system support must be structured in such a way that it supports all your activities as effectively as possible. With your team, we’ll develop several logical alternatives.

Our detailed knowledge of supply chain organisation will help you make the right choices rapidly. Having the correct facts to hand makes decision making simple, so we’ll provide you with qualitative and quantitative analyses. We’ll also help you understand the results of the analyses and determine your supply chain criteria. Clear choices are then made and translated into an action plan.

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