At Gwynt, we believe that industry is and must continue to be a key player in the Netherlands’ economy. That industry can thrive in the face of stiff competition and advance its prominent position in an increasingly global environment. Our services, which cover five distinct areas, are designed to support Dutch industry in pursuing innovative strategies and developing a motivated, well-trained and creative workforce. Together, we can help our country punch well above its weight.

Our approach to industry: a temporary commitment with permanent results

We’re convinced that a pragmatic approach to helping companies achieve real breakthroughs works best for industry. An approach that aligns with your company’s unique  situation and the wider industrial landscape. That’s why we’ve developed clear phases to helping companies like yours improve their performance.

A quick scan is almost always the first step we take, no matter which of our services you use. This is where we identify the main issues holding you back and their broader context. During the scan we discover and analyse potential improvement areas, and we make sure that the company’s strategy (your ultimate goal) is clear and generally accepted by all employees. It’s called a quick scan because it highlights core issues in a short space of time, thanks to the depth and breadth of our consultants’ experience.

Once the scan is complete, an action plan is drawn up to carry out all the agreed improvements. This is closely followed by the design phase, If possible, we implement a number of simple measures straight away to show employees and management that change is necessary and desirable. Then we concentrate on implementing more complex measures to achieve long-lasting, concrete results.

To be really successful in implementing changes, we believe that it’s not just about re-designing processes or drawing up a new strategy. It’s about changing the organisation’s behaviour as well. That’s why we adopt a broad approach to what we do. We want to ensure that change management is deeply embedded within the organisation, so that you can take your people with you on your journey to a new organisation. You’ll find that we pass more and more responsibility over to you, with the aim of making our commitment temporary but your results permanent.

We’d like to help you win the fight

We offer a result-oriented service in consulting, implementation and interim management for companies that want to continue achieving their goals, no matter how ambitious they are. The combination of market knowledge, unrivalled expertise, strategic thinking and change management skills means our clients achieve impressive results, growth and a culture of continuous improvement. Implementing changes with our customers so they can achieve concrete results is our passion and our specialism.



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