At Gwynt, we believe that the Netherlands can and should be a significant industrial player, one that faces global competition head on. That’s why we implement operational excellence and innovative supply chain aspects and develop innovative strategies. We look after strongly motivated, well-trained and creative employees. We support businesses in gaining and maintaining their prominent positions in an increasingly global playing field.

The illustration below shows which areas we focus on to enable industrial companies to perform even better.

Our approach: Temporary efforts with sustainable results

We believe in a pragmatic approach that adjusts to your unique situation. A quick scan to map the context of your situation is often our first step. It is vital that your business strategy (your long-term vision) is clear and supported.

During the quick scan, we analyse potential improvement areas and formulate an action plan to tackle these areas. Our consultants are very experienced, so a quick scan has a short lead time. Despite the limited time scale, it is deep and wide enough to penetrate quickly to the core.

The design phase follows. If possible, we implement a number of simple measures immediately, making it clear and visible that a change has been made. During the ensuing implementation phase, we deal with processes to achieve concrete results.

We believe that successful change can transpire only if specific objectives are formulated and the behaviour of the organisation is changed. For this reason, we prefer a shared approach in which our change expert has a strong presence in the company. During this last phase, we gradually hand over more and more responsibility for the project to the organisation itself. Our efforts are temporary, but your results are permanent.

Helping your business grow

We work for business owners who want to achieve their ambitions and are open to a consulting, implementation and interim management service that is results-oriented. Our professionals have a wealth of market knowledge, relevant expertise and change capacity. This perfect combination enables our clients to achieve impressive results, sustainable growth and a culture of continuous improvement. Our passion and speciality is working together with our clients so that they can carry out changes and achieve tangible results.


Léon Peters