Our ambition is to help family businesses become a leading force in an increasingly rapidly changing world. Collective innovation is a necessary condition for that. Is your innovation process too slow? Are too few new products or services reaching your customers?

Your future turnover and margins are threatened if you’re not constantly innovating.  A key service of Gwynt is optimising innovation processes. Based on our innovation principles, this is not a case of simply rearranging processes and procedures. It’s also about the teamwork between departments and maybe even external parties. It’s about being bold enough to stop going down the wrong path on time and to allow all talent people in the organisation to contribute to the innovation process.


Innovation review

We’ll identify the scope of your existing innovation capabilities –from strategy to processes and resources– using our own innovation framework. We’ll also evaluate the level of innovation currently taking place within the organisation before we draw up a statement on the strength of your innovation process. What follows is an improvement plan to overcome the observed stumbling points.

New product development and introduction

Innovation capacity and time-to-market are vital aspects of any business wanting to continue satisfying customer needs. This requires not only efficient and effective processes for New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction but also diversification of innovation flows.
Differentiations are made between, for example, customer requests and incremental and radical/disruptive innovation. However, differentiated processes need clear procedures, roles, responsibilities and decision making, so we offer our help in arranging and implementing your NPD and NPI processes. This ensures efficient introductions into production lines and reinforces the innovation strength of the organisation.

Innovation strengths

The innovation strength of a family business is often in the hands of the director-major shareholder. But company-wide innovation can only take place if talented employees at all layers of the organisation are challenged to develop new processes, products and even new business models.
Collective innovation asks for commitment, creativity and discipline, bundled up in a good project approach. That collectivity and collaboration within and external to the organisation leads to more energy and the necessary innovation for continuity. We’re here to support, guide and coach your organisation in reinforcing its innovative capabilities.