3 February 2023


The client designs and produces industrial packaging for the high-tech and traditional manufacturing industry


The high-tech market (including ASML) shows a doubling in size from 2022 to 2025. The Supervisory Board asked us to review the operations blueprint for the various production locations and to indicate what needs to be done to absorb the growth.


We started by converting the market development into a forecast of the growth of industrial packaging. We then determined the capacity of the various locations, and by comparing it with the requested capacity, we were able to determine the shortage of machines, people and m2.

To compensate for this shortage, we have developed various scenarios. We looked into the possibilities for increasing productivity and what investments were required. The conclusion was that immediate action was needed to improve productivity, initiate investments and get the workforce up to scratch.


After the results were shared with the Directors and the Supervisory Board, we immediately took action to work out an Opex and Capex roadmap together with the Directors and set up an action plan for HR (recruitment) and Finance (control data).

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