Healty food General director Schouten Europe about the collaboration with Gwynt Peter Schouten

Food: It’s second nature to us

Over the years, the dynamics of the food sector has been an important source of inspiration for many companies (and not just those supplying food). The food market is enormous, but it offers a space only to those businesses that can continually adapt.

The fight for ‘share of stomach’ is a constant and crucial factor for all food companies. Tomorrow’s success depends greatly on how well your company anticipates the driving forces behind changing consumer behaviour (value-for-money, convenience, experience and responsibility).

In the meantime, external conditions continue to grow in number and complexity. And that’s hard for companies to handle. It’s not only the impact of modern technology and platforms, new laws and regulations, shortages in the labour market, and fluctuations in raw material prices. There’s also the significant influence on consumer behaviour by issues such as food waste, plastic reduction and plant-based food.

Put it all together and we have a challenging environment in which developments can seem like an obstacle or even a threat. Yet they also offer up valuable inspiration for new opportunities in growth and development. Our team of consultants are quick to get the heart of any of those issues and, hand in hand with your most important stakeholders, formulate a vision and approach that is widely supported and totally achievable.

We’d like to help you win the food fight

At Gwynt, we fully understand the reality and challenges in the food sector, and we know how to achieve real breakthroughs for formulas and producers, from strategy to operation. Our consultants have a great deal of practical executive and managerial experience in food companies. So much so that working in the food sector is second nature to us.

We offer a result-oriented service in consulting, implementation and interim management for companies that want to continue achieving their goals, no matter how ambitious they are. The combination of market knowledge, unrivalled expertise, strategic thinking and change management (ADKAR) skills means our clients achieve impressive results, growth and a culture of continuous improvement. Implementing changes with our customers so they can achieve concrete results is our passion and our specialism.



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