Our core values determine who we are, how we work and how we realise our client’s ambitions together with them.

Partnership is the basis of our relationships and our way of working. We build trustful relationships internally and externally, in which respect, honesty and empathy are our highest priority. We share knowledge and experience to everyone’s benefit. Together with our clients, we free the potential energy, knowledge and skills that are available. This is how we jointly enable the organisation to achieve results that focus on sustainable growth from within.

Drive means we take initiative, provide concrete solutions and pro-actively realise plans. We do not remain on the sidelines, but participate actively in the change process when needed.  Our pragmatic approach leads to visible results.

Awareness means we are conscious of our own and other people’s behaviour and its impact on others and the organisation. We discuss behaviour, emotions and their patterns. We compliment and give feedback and stimulate the available talents and leadership to evolve. This way we foster a culture that will stimulate sustainable growth.

Challenging is the way we stimulate innovative solutions by combining facts and expertise and by generating new insights. Challenging is also the way we encourage people and organisations to go above and beyond and help them to develop professionally and personally.