Does each of your sales channels have a consistent brand perception, and are they linked seamlessly together? Are your systems, logistics and organisational structures sufficiently integrated?

Omnichannel organisation (i.e. giving the customer a consistent experience across all channels) relies on business intelligence. You need to know what to measure and what to ignore. You need to be able to analyse past performance and–more importantly–act on real-time data to shape the future of your business. To survive in retail, you need to become a data-driven organisation.

Our approach & services


Omnichannel organisation puts customers at the heart of your business, and all sales channels (digital and physical) work in harmony around them. Customers don’t see a channel but a company or brand.

Depending on the time, location or their objective (are they orientating themselves, looking for information, or wanting to buy), they choose a channel that is the most appropriate at that precise moment. That means all your sales channels must complement each other so that the customer always has the same brand perception.

Omnichannel organisation is an important condition for today’s customers, but it does demand a number of business requirements. Purchasing processes, for example, must be simple so that customers can serve themselves. The business must be able to continually innovate and change. After all, customers are also continuously changing their direction, needs and desires. Your IT architecture also needs to be robust and future-proof.

Our approach is to create a responsive omnichannel organisation that enables your business to learn from market insights and then adapt.

Business Intelligence

Knowledge is strength. In the current retail landscape, this means extracting insights from a large quantity of data. That information is essential for managing your revenue formula, outlets and sales channels, and product categories.

Business insights obtained from numerous types of data elements lets you change gear smoothly and quickly. Traffic, conversion and purchase amount are the traditional elements, but when enriched with other sources, they give significant new insights. If you have access to substantial, reliable business intelligence (e.g. customer analysis, profitability analysis per range and sales channels, and operational efficiencies), seeing and doing things differently becomes much more simple.

We’re experienced in developing viable business intelligence systems for family-owned retail businesses. We’ll sit down with you to consider which analytics really add value so you can build a reporting system that keeps on providing you–the business owner–with the right business insights.

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