Food manufacturers stake their future on being relevant to their customers and distinctive from their competitors. Constant innovation is a necessity, so the process of proposition development is impossible to avoid. However, it’s more difficult than ever to do right. Accessing the knowledge and technology you need to ensure your products are what your customers want may be getting easier. On the other hand, market demand is changing at a blistering pace, forcing you to make hard choices about your product propositions and your brand positioning . That’s when you need the guiding hand of an expert.

Do you see industry trends as obstacles or opportunities? The continuous fight for ‘share of stomach’ dominates the food industry, and changing consumer behaviour has a huge impact on your company’s proposition development. Add to that the growing number of political, legal, environmental and technological issues that affect the industry, and it’s not difficult to see why food manufacturers don’t always have a handle on proposition development. Industry trends can seem an obstacle or even a threat, yet in many cases they offer valuable inspiration for your propositions and brand strategy.

Our approach to proposition development

We believe in a pragmatic approach that aligns with your unique requirements. Our starting point is to formulate a clear and broadly supported brand strategy that connects logically with your company’s purpose and core values. Without this, it’s difficult to develop product propositions that lead to real breakthroughs.

Our team of specialists expose your core issues quickly with tangible insights into your business, target audience and competitors. Then, hand in hand with your organisation’s most important stakeholders, a common vision and approach is formulated. The next step is to work systematically towards concrete propositions, in conjunction with growth platforms . These will add significant added value for your customers and connect directly with your brand strategy.

Initially, the emphasis is on inspiration and co-creation, but our support shifts gradually to processes and procedures to arrive at concrete propositions. A successful proposition is much more than a clever idea. It requires a sound business case, a route to market and a widely supported implementation plan. This depends on close collaboration between various internal and external disciplines, which are in many cases already part of your day-to-day operations.

Like to know more about our Proposition Development service?

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