Our talented people offer family businesses a range of services that can be customised to each unique situation.


Our consultancy projects focus strongly on implementation because effective change does not come about by distributing thick reports. Shared ownership is at the heart of all our projects because it fosters support across the organisation and enables action to be taken quickly. Projects always have clear aims, time lines and budgets. The results of our projects speak for themselves.

Change Management

Change management, just like project management, has recognisable phases and roles. All our consultants have been trained in ProSci, a proven and scientifically based change management methodology. The insights and experiences of change management are a permanent feature of our daily activities. This approach greatly increases the chance of success.

Project- en Program management

Running large projects and/or programmes is what we do. We help our clients manage successful projects and/or programmes by providing them with the correct structure, organisation and activities. Implementation is done on the basis of a restricted set of critical indicators so that the success of the project and/or programme can be achieved in a timely manner.

Interim Management

Turn to us if you need an experienced person to take on a temporary, managerial position. Most of our consultants have either line management experience or have filled interim positions at various levels with success.


Bringing about effective behavioural change is an important condition for permanent improvement. That is why we coach managers and their employees. By demonstrating the correct behaviour, our consultants can inspire your people to show effective behaviour.


If your business is having severe financial difficulties, you need to carry out appropriate measures with speed. Business owners and executives request our help with, for example, drawing up a confidence-building action plan for potential providers of capital. We can be brought in quickly to conduct an analysis of any ‘financial bleeding’, identify the financial and operational improvements that can make a real difference in the short term, and help current management lead the business through the crisis.

Culture of Excellence

Our many years’ experience of professionalising businesses has led to us defining six principles that we believe are the essential building blocks of a Culture of Excellence (our view on ‘Lean’ or ‘Operational Excellence’). We combine the proven tools of Lean and our experiences with behavioural change to implement a culture of continuous culture. This requires introducing standards, a focus on added value, tight teamwork in a well-organised consultative structure, a tracking system of KPIs at each conceivable level in the organisation, and motivated and skilled employees.

Our efforts are temporary, but the impact of those efforts is permanent.