Markets change at a breath-taking pace these days, thanks to an endless flow of new technology, business models and entrants. As a result, the life cycle of innovations shorten and markets become saturated. The impact of so many developments makes it difficult for any company to stay on track with their goals. For many, it means additional and constant pressure on profitability. When that happens, you need to revise your strategy.

Some business owners are prepared to put in the time to develop an effective strategy, but others find the process challenging and tedious. No wonder. There are countless methods and visions when it comes to strategy development. The solution is a detailed analysis and a tailored approach that links the life stage and market position of your company.

Our vision

It’s not unusual for companies to operate in several markets, frequently with different offerings. The correct strategic response to this is differentiation. This enables a company to introduce a disruptive technology to a new market and, at the same time, generate reliable turnover as a market leader in a mature and predictable market.

What is becoming increasingly noticeable to us is that traditional business models are no longer sufficient to stay competitive in continuously changing markets. New platforms and ecosystems and the rapidly growing complexity of markets and products mean companies have to find a new way of doing business.

Our role

At Gwynt, our role is to provide constant and regular guidance as you develop and implement your strategy. To give your company a sure footing in a changing world and to help you achieve significant breakthroughs.

Our team of specialists understands fully the challenges you face. That’s why the first step is always to lay a clear foundation that is based on widely supported principles and ambitions, which are connected to the organisation’s core values. This gives you a framework to formulate and specify relevant and competitive value propositions.

Our approach

We work with a pragmatic strategy model, and we do not stop at simply developing an effective strategy. We stay with you while it’s being implemented. For us, the ultimate aim is to instil a company-wide change in the way every employee thinks and acts. It is this approach that will ensure continued corporate success.

Our team can help you turn a strategy that is outdated and unfeasible into one that is cohesive and viable. How do we do this? With a combination of clear market vision, vast experience in managerial positions and strategy processes, a focus on development and implementation, the use of proven tools and instruments, and our natural curiosity and drive.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to discover more about our services, we’d be happy to talk with you at your earliest convenience and with no further obligation. Just contact us and ask to speak to a specialist.