Your food company is growing, but have you noticed the automatic change to your production processes? If you’re experiencing rapidly increasing sales, taking on more employees, introducing new concepts, or engaged in new activities in new markets, it’s a safe bet your value chain activities are altering without you realising. And that could be affecting your efficiency and cost structures negatively. In which case, it’s time to re-evaluate your internal operations.

The slow demise of customer focus, effectiveness and agility

The food industry is driven by product performance and value. But as your company creates more and more innovative recipes and concepts, the processes that were developed for older products may no longer give you a competitive edge. In fact, in growing companies it’s not unusual to see processes and monitoring systems (plus associated roles, responsibilities and communication lines) fail to satisfy current demand. As a consequence, customer focus, effectiveness and agility slowly disappears. In many cases, the innovation process itself suffers.

Optimising your processes to restore your competitive edge

Optimising your organisation’s core processes begins with a thorough analysis. Work with us, and our team of specialists will conduct a quick scan to assess your current situation. Afterwards, it’s a question of determining which process adaptations would introduce rapid improvements. Those processes include (but are not limited to) NPI/NPD, tendering, S&OP, product promotion and portfolio optimisation. A blueprint for new working methods is then developed and used to formulate clear preconditions for a successful implementation.

Including your workforce in the optimisation process

Of course, optimising processes requires developing the right tools for monitoring, which can’t be done without improving roles, responsibilities, teamwork and communication lines. The most significant challenge to achieving real improvement is nearly always the human element of change. Fortunately, our specialists have excellent change management skills to ensure successful implementation.

Like to know more about our Process Innovation service?

We have a wealth of experience in improving processes within food companies—from the floors of the factory and warehouse to the offices of sales and procurement—and you’ll like our pragmatic approach and customised work.

If you’re ready to make your organisation fitter and more agile, contact us and ask to speak to a specialist. We’d be happy to meet you and exchange ideas.