Getting to know Gwynt

Gwynt believes that family businesses are the engine of our economy. Family businesses are built on the backs of astute entrepreneurship and long-term ambition. We want to maximise this strength by helping to develop the talents and passion of all those involved in the business. We do that by offering services that combine market knowledge with substantive expertise and change capacity.

Our talents and principles

Our in-house skills help build a world of flourishing family businesses. We take the time to listen and then guide. We do our work with passion, structure and empathy. We’re committed to bringing about positive change by recognising, developing and working with the talented people that all family businesses have.

Achieving significant and permanent results is our strength. We believe in an eco-system, not an ego- system. Teamwork and an open spirit are at the heart of everything we do. We lead and learn – from each other and by setting good examples. We transfer our knowledge in a positive manner. Clear and to-the-point.

The key to success

We know only too well that one size does not fit all. An approach that is tailor-made to your unique business situation is needed to achieve real improvements. That is why we offer several kinds of change approaches that are designed to optimise processes, transform disappointing prospects, and resolve acute liquidity problems.

Regardless of the nature of the change, all our projects are based on a clear strategy, innovative improvements and consideration for the effect on managers and workers.

Customising our approach, treating employees as human beings, making collective use of in-house talent, and harnessing entrepreneurial passion is our key to success.

A range of roles

Our experienced consultants can carry out clear and factual analyses of a family business and then give direction to change. They can also coach and supervise employees in any change process to ensure they can change with the business. And since we like to take responsibility for the end result, we happy take on the role of interim and/or programme manager. Many of our consultants have experience in line management within your industry.