Do we have efficient stock management, warehouse and distribution activities? Can we rely on an effective Sales & Operations Plan? Besides an efficient supply chain, it is also important to have  a professional store support. Is there a store support team with specialists available to increase excellent store execution and to set up a differentiated store operations support approach and prioritisation?

Our approach & services

Supply Chain Management

Globalisation and demanding customers (e.g. same-day delivery) are making supply chains longer and more complex, which is why we offer family-owned businesses support in supply chain management. We’ll show you how to improve your logistical processes (stock management, warehouse and distribution activities) so you can improve your competitiveness and reduce operational costs.

All our solutions are customised, whether it’s creating the ideal distribution structure, reducing your stock levels, or increasing your service levels. To improve and implement our forecasting and planning solutions, we work with a Sales & Operations Plan.

Store operations

Professionalising your retail support organisations is necessary for the smooth running of an excellent retail outlet. Do you have professional operations support managers and experts who not only oversee the smooth running of the store but also improve the customer experience?

We can advise you on a differentiated retail operations support approach and offer intensive supervision of under-performing shops. We’ll help you develop concrete annual plans that set out the managers’ priorities, and we’ll advise you on a step-by-step retail store management growth model that is based on quality and profitability.

Would you like to know more about our service?

One of our retail specialists would be happy to discuss your needs, without obligation, at a time and place that is convenient to you.