8 April 2019


An internationally family owned company specialised in termperature controlled logistics, with a strong position at food producers and at harbour locations. Our client has succeeded to make the transition from conventional logistics towards mechanised, automated distirbution centers and to automated container terminals. They have build strong customer relationships through high performance and customer satisfaction. The client is characterised by it’s strong entrepreneurship and can-do mentality.


The last few years the company succeeded in making a successful diversification strategy at it’s largest harbour terminal. Next to it’s position in juice processing and fruit stevedoring the company has become an important container hub for the stevedoring of bananas. To make a further step-change Gwynt, with whom the previous successful strategy was developed, was asked to work out the new strategy and business plan. Target was a further strengthening of the terminal’s position, extension of the value chain and attracting of additional large customers.


The project started with a strategic review of the different market segments, including an in-depth examination of value chains and targeting of potential markets and clients. Market research was done, including positioning and market trends. Strategic options, actions and targets were determined and a challenging strategy was presented to and validated by the board and excutive board.


The Board now has a comprehensive vision on different activities and relative market position per segment. Strategic choices have been made, including an investment in a full-automatic container terminal, so far the biggest investment in the history of the company. A detailed strategic roadmap and actionplan has been embraced by the management and new business has been developed.

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