26 January 2021


Large Dutch food producer, wide range of fresh products. A strategic supplier to various retailers and food service companies. Enormous growth in turnover and volume has been achieved last years, partly through strategic acquisitions.


Due to the massive growth and changing customer needs, the complexity of the organization has increased. In addition, functions and reporting lines were not fully implemented consistently across the organization, which sometimes made it difficult to properly assess the efficiency of the company. Gwynt has been asked to conduct an independent assessment of the current organization in terms of structure, capacity and competences in order to provide recommendations for optimizations based on this.


The Gwynt team started with a quick scan of the current organizational structure, build up of business units collaborating to a certain level. A reference structure has been developed in order to achieve consistency throughout the organization and substantiating any differences. In addition, a number of important strategic development areas have been identified as well as recommendations regarding the actual translation to the organization.


Gwynt provided a better understanding of the development phase of the organization and the various strategic development areas. Additionally a clear reference framework has been developed for the organizational structure, embedding commercial accents and strategic initiatives.

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