11 April 2020

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Dutch FMCG specialist, fast growing and internationally active. Specialised in sourcing, developing and distributing concepts for supermarkets, discount stores, DIY stores and department stores in Europe.


Due to the rapid expansion of markets, customers and assortment, it had become increasingly difficult to demonstrate the desired entrepreneurship in the market on one hand and to achieve synergy in the operation on the other. In practice, this resulted in communication difficulties and a growing risk of errors.


Bottlenecks and optimisations in structure and processes were identified by a quick scan of the existing business unit structure. On the basis of this, a new commercial structure was determined in consultation with the management team. Standardisation of roles and related tasks, responsibilities, competences and KPI structure was then elaborated. This formed the foundation to harmonise and secure the various key processes through a business process management structure. In addition to this support, Gwynt has taken care of the overall project management from scan to final implementation.


The commercial organization is much better able to facilitate the necessary entrepreneurship through an efficient operation now. In addition, roles are clear to all employees so that collaboration, alignment and development can take place much more efficiently. Structural securing and ownership of processes provide the foundation for continuous improvement.

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