26 January 2023

Categories: Family Businesses

Last year, Gwynt once again realized its growth ambitions and was able to support 22 large family businesses in the Benelux. Companies active in the manufacturing industry, food industry, wholesale, retail and logistics. Together they account for no less than 70% of our projects and that makes us proud. Our pragmatic approach connects well with entrepreneurs, which is why private equity and corporates also regularly choose Gwynt.

More and more family businesses experience that our unique expertise of the themes at the large family business is of great added value for them. Our clients indicate that the specific themes of family businesses in particular, such as the role and involvement of the family, care for the environment and continuity for the next generation, are themes that require a different type of approach. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand this dynamic like no other and we are able to advise entrepreneurs in the right way.

Dynamic family businesses

Entrepreneurship, professionalism and care are three leadership styles that often come back in family businesses. The challenge – especially in this time of disruption and uncertainty – is to choose a style that fits the challenges, family values and strategy. Choosing the right strategy in particular is a theme that requires attention for many family businesses. The success in the past often came from a “can do” driven entrepreneurship: seizing and capitalizing on opportunities. However, the current time also requires professionality and “pre-thinking”: outline your own path and create opportunities instead of seizing them. This also translates into the organization and management of the company and finally into the implementation and safeguarding of the new strategy, culture and choice. Gwynt supports families and their directors throughout this process.


Because of years of experience at large family businesses, we know better than anyone what goes on in family businesses. We understand the family dynamics and the challenges these businesses face. We supplement our own experience with experience from research and practice. That is why we often work together with knowledge institutes and sector organizations to share knowledge in “family business”. We also hope to be able to support family businesses in the coming year and to jointly build a flourishing future.

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