30 August 2019

Categories: Industry


Dutch FMCG specialist, fast growing and internationally active. Specialized in sourcing, developing and distributing concepts for supermarkets, discount stores, DIY shops and department stores in Europe.


The growth and development of the range had resulted in a change and shift of the required warehousing activities. The necessary warehousing activities even exceeded capacity in specific cases, which resulted in operational bottlenecks.


The main functional flows within the warehouse were identified on the basis of various interviews. These have been deepened by a set of quantitative analyses that provided insight into the volumes about these functional flows, as well as the deviations and peculiarities. Based on this input, Gwynt has developed a quantitative model with which the necessary warehouse capacity can be independently determined on the basis of expected volume flow and various parameters.


The quantitative analyses have led to a number of relevant insights into demand patterns and warehousing activities. In addition, the client is now able to identify (future) bottlenecks in the warehousing activities based on new business plans by apply the (reusable) quantitative model. By use of this model, Gwynt subsequently provided advice on the expected bottleneck, optimizations and investments in relation to the warehousing activities on the basis of the latest business plans.

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