Review strategy and organization Schouten Europe


Schouten Europe is a Dutch family company in plant-based protein products. They specialize in the development, sourcing of the right raw materials and distribution of concepts. Schouten supplies its products worldwide in three channels; retail, foodservice and industrial.


In a moving market, where demand for plant-based protein products is growing rapidly, the challenge was to enhance distinctiveness through a recalibrated strategy to prepare the organization for the next generation of owners.


First, the company’s mission and (family) values were sharpened, and then the strategy was recalibrated and clear objectives set. Based on this, a new organization was outlined with expansion in the appropriate departments to accelerate the rate of innovation, for example. Then the plans were calculated into a substantiated business plan to justify the investment as well.


A decisive organization capable of adapting in a rapidly growing and rapidly changing market with a clear commercial focus for the next three years. Moreover, with better cooperation and division of labor between the various departments, the number of innovations may increase greatly in the coming years.

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