Improving quality at an electric bike manufacturer


Our client is a Dutch manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles. The organization was founded more than 10 years ago and employs about 550 people. From the management came the request to professionalize the operation and bring the quality performance to a higher level and secure it.


First, work began to establish the standards of the bicycle delivered. In addition, the repairs are standardized and the people involved are trained in these standards. A new layout was then implemented within the assembly department, taking into account material flows, safety, quality and productivity.

A professionalization effort was also made in the areas of organizational and meeting structure, the design process and quality data management. In the process, Root Cause analysis was introduced to solve problems structurally.

Finally, the design process was improved by connecting relevant departments, introducing stage gate process and with an improved approach around pilot productions.


The issues found when delivering to customers have decreased by 50%, in addition, the number of service turns in the first 28 days has also decreased by 50%. Furthermore, the organizational structure was changed and vacancies were filled as a result. Standards and work instructions are also better defined and employees are better trained on them. Finally, a quality reporting system was set up, using the Mendix app for recording and a BI Tool for reporting.