Flow of enthusiasm results in cash flow

How do we create a flow of enthusiasm?

The mental state people are in when they are fully absorbed in their pursuits is defined as “flow. Flow can be generated by challenge, fun and plenty of positive feedback. It is not only manufacturable, but also contagious and addictive. Below we name five key principles for creating a flow of enthusiasm:

Principle 1 – Clearly communicate an inspiring ambition

Enthusiasm begins with exemplary behavior and inspiration from leadership. What do they believe in and how do they communicate that belief? An organization becomes in flow when employees are allowed to contribute to the ambition of the organization from their own talents and drives. Establishing a motivation and activation program helps achieve ambition.

Principle 2 – Visualize success and the route to it

Make ambition imaginable and give specific attention to themes and assignments. Visualize and explain these in “jip-and-janneke” language. Also create a game effect through achievable challenges, fun and positive feedback. It is important to handle this carefully and professionally.

Principle 3 – Appoint and train superpromoters and organize staff training.

Superpromoters are needed to support the conceivability of the ambition. Appoint and train these superpromoters. Teach them how to tackle assignments from the motivation and activation program and how to convey their enthusiasm. Also teach them to deal with resistance. In addition to naming and training superpromoters, it is also advisable to organize staff training sessions. These training sessions aim to further motivate and challenge the teams. Above all, do not explain what they are not doing well or what needs to be improved, but rather let them come up with nice action items themselves that will help achieve the ambition. The premise here is: self conceived is self done.

Principle 4 – Use social media to share and celebrate successes

Stories play a central role in spreading enthusiasm. Superpromoters like it when their stories are shared, and they also enjoy reading stories from other superpromoters. Through the use of social media, create an internal community where they can share their enthusiastic stories and experiences and learn from each other. Encourage enthusiastic colleagues to join as well. Such a network is ideal for spreading enthusiasm. These superpromoters are the nodes or conduits of enthusiasm in such a network. Working in this way becomes more practical, intelligent and fun.

Principle 5 – Make a show of it and feed pride

Make a show of it and feed pride by showcasing enthusiastic stories, experiences and results to the maximum via internal newsletters, meetings, intranet and social media. It further fuels enthusiasm and also helps the superpromoters spread enthusiasm further. Appreciation is also a great driver of flow and an important key to promoting performance. Appreciating the other person creates enthusiasm and positive energy. Try to catch people doing good things and celebrate these good things!

Flow of enthusiasm results in cash flow – Case Coop

Flow of enthusiasm creates energy, creative initiatives, accelerated development of teams and, not unimportantly, better business results as well! We experienced this ourselves at Coop, where we initiated the SHOWTIME program and supported its implementation. Maarten Ebben Director of Store Operation Coop explains the purpose of the program: “SHOWTIME is all about wanting to win, from a 7 to a 9. Together we make it a great show and offer our customers a TOP shopping experience.” Here are some highlights:


Henri Kamp, SHOWTIME Project Coordinator: “Unbelievable how much energy has been released and how many great initiatives have been conceived, implemented and shared through our nationwide closed Facebook group.” The program has resulted in a significant increase in sales.