Shopping Tomorrow Session 3

17 May 2024

17 May 2024

The most interesting applications of generative AI for retailers and manufacturers.

Yesterday we met for the third time with our ShoppingTomorrow expert group, this time at our place in Esch. The session focused on the challenges within our work and how generative AI can help.

In breakout sessions, we identified the four key issues:

  1. A lack of knowledge about AI within organizations.
  2. Creating large amounts of content for various channels while maintaining a consistent brand experience.
  3. High cost of loading and packing.
  4. Reducing customer service workload.

We have developed a use case for some of the issues, which we will develop practically in the next session. Steadily working toward leveraging genAI as a growth engine for manufacturers and retailers!

The next session will take place on Thursday, June 6.