Convenience: lots of potential and complexity

1 February 2021

1 February 2021

Introducing Gamechangerz in Food

Gamechangerz in Food is the platform of research firm GfK and organizational consulting firm Gwynt, which anticipates the challenging market dynamics in which many companies are currently engaged. This new reality in food requires companies to make clear choices. In which knowledge sharing and partnerships can be decisive. This is why Gamechangerz in Food offers complementary companies a platform for insights, inspiration, interaction and co-creation on a regular basis. On January 20, at the first edition of the new year, with the help of guest speakers from GfK and Foodmaker, we reflected on the developments of convenience. Convenience in Food is a category with potential but also growing complexity.

Convenience has potential

Convenience is a rapidly growing and interesting category, but also appears to be one where it is quite difficult for many producers to make returns. Relatively many producers, often with different propositions and concepts. As a result, there is very often indirect competition between product segments. Retailers see the strategic value of convenience and seek innovation and differentiation. This creates a lot of complexity in the chain: different recipes for similar products, challenging supply chains influenced by quality, tracebility, waste and packaging.

The answer to complexity

As far as we are concerned, the task that follows from this for food producers is to think in platforms. Steering operation and innovation through clusters of sku’s that are similar in complexity and technology. For innovation, our advice is to first test on a small scale in a limited number of stores. Not all innovations become successful and the risk of disrupting the existing operation is very high. Producing these types of initiatives separately with possible assistance from partners keeps the impact on the existing operation minimal. On the other hand, it is important to look for simplification of innovations. More complex and more technology is not always the right answer. Consumers are also looking for transparency and healthy, honest products. It is precisely then that it is important to think from this perspective and develop it multidisciplinary.

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Do you also recognize the potential of convenience in Food but also the growing complexity that comes with it? And would you like to discuss your challenges in convenience with us? Or would you like to receive the complete summary of this meeting of Gamechangerz in Food? Please feel free to contact with us and get in touch with one of our professionals who daily help entrepreneurial food companies with structural improvements in commercial, operational and financial performance.