Gwynt and Triple lead expert group ShoppingTomorrow

18 March 2024

18 March 2024

This year, Gwynt is once again participating in ShoppingTomorrow, the leading research program for digital commerce in the Netherlands. As chair of the “GenAI as a Growth Engine” expert group, we, along with host Triple and affiliated experts, will research the growth opportunities of generative AI for retailers and manufacturers.

ShoppingTomorrow is known as the networking and research program for e-commerce professionals in the Netherlands. Each year, about 20 expert groups consider the most important trends and developments in digital commerce. This year we are taking the lead in the largest expert group in the research program, consisting of nearly 35 participants.

ShoppingTomorrow research program

Over the next six months, we will meet monthly with Triple and the experts to explore opportunities for revenue and profit maximization through genAI. The structure of these monthly meetings includes the following elements: inspiration & common ground, business white spots, the translation of these white spots, preconditions and elaboration. The results of the sessions will be compiled into a bluepaper, which will be presented during ShoppingToday on October 10, 2024 at DeFabrique in Utrecht.

Kickoff of the program year

The Kick-off took place on Friday, March 15, during the ShoppingTomorrow Kick-off at ‘t Spant! theater in Bussum. During the morning program, we were introduced to our expert group and immediately demonstrated the power of GenAI using the patent machine. This innovation of Triple is fed with person characteristics pre-filled by experts. Then artificial intelligence converted these features into unique patents in image and description that actually belong to them.

Danny Groenenboom (Gwynt) and Lennart van Wijk (Triple) with the patent machine

The afternoon program included inspiring sessions from speakers Karsten Mostert (Microsoft), Geertje Zeegers (Too Good To Go) and John Lin (Borg Consulting). In addition, ShoppingTomorrow organized a workshop for the experts to help them how best to contribute to the upcoming research program.

Powerful expert group

The strength of our expert group lies mainly in the diversity of expertise present from different industries. Moreover, they are all pioneers within their fields. As a team, Triple and Gwynt bring years of experience in strategy, digitization, change management and the technology needed to the group. A perfect combination!

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