Gamechangerz in Food – Commercial Excellence

26 April 2024

26 April 2024

On Thursday, March 28, the twelfth edition of Gamechangerz in Food. Within this platform attention is paid to current themes within the foodsector and the possibilityheid to discuss these with others in the sector. te discussion and networking.

Due to increasing pressure for healthy returns required of food companies not only operationally but also commercially excellent perform. Increasing costs by growing complexity, press purchasing power and volumes, but also consolidation by purchasingalliances, only increases the need. Genough reason so to na the topics such as chain innovation, sustainability, mechanizing and robotize, commercial excellence making this time central.

All participants were welcomed at the beautiful West India House in Amsterdam, a building with a unique history dating back to the seventeenth century. At this location was centuries ago already commercial excellence a relevant topic. In doing so, here too To commission the construction of Fort Manhattan, which would later become New York.

After everyone found their place in the room, followed the welcome speech by our chairman of the day, Joost Aarts. Next kicked off Rogier Moes on behalf of Gwynt af, with an introduction on the central theme commercial excellence. He presented our framework for commercial excellence, made up of commerciial strategy, portfolio, price and sales. Hereby passedand of course our many er experiences from practice and concrete tips frequently the revue.

Milan Peeters of GfK Consumer Panel Services then took the floor to explain commercial excellence from the shopper’s perspective. In his presentation he elaborated on, what is important to the buyer and also emphasized the difference between existing buyers and new buyers.

Milan concluded his presentation with a proposition, which was then discussed at the table. The thesis he presented from GfK was, “80% of all commercial choices are made with insufficient knowledge of the market and shopper.”

In a new arrangement names Leonie Kortleve and Bas Boswinkel of Riedel hereinafter the word, from the central questionthesis “How to survive the ‘perfect storm’ in FMCG”. From the challenging position in which they found Riedel at the start of their adventure, was the assignmentt clear: margin recovery for trading partners and full focus volume growth through smart innovations and acquisitions. Of course, also came the most recent “storm” Riedel is in up for discussion, in which Riedel accusedd became of evading the sugar tax. By smart and quickly anticipate seems Riedel in state been the category accessible to its buyers. Discussions continued at the tables based on the two statements which Riedel contributed.

After a table exchange was Joris Waeijen of Brand Masters on the turn. The theme of his presentation appeared a statement of an oldexecutivethat is still important in his work every day: “faling in preparation = preparing in failure”. In this, he emphasized notably the importance of good preparation at business development. Supplemental he shared the lesson that local teams essential were for the fast international growth. To the various tables was then full of energy talked through on the basis of His thesis: “international growth is done 100% with local people. So maximum for investing = -/- EBITDA

The time had come for dinner and the final table change. Bert Baron of The Chocolate Factory took the floor on the basis of the following statement: strategy = focus, without excellent execution no strategy. Bert took us through his earlier years at CocaCola in which product availability is is a decisive factor in this execution. The organization from CocaCola has clearly a different scale than his current employer: The Chocolate Factory. This does not alter the fact that focus and excellent execution also in small organizations is. Bert put then the partparticipants one last keer with his thesis: “als execution becoming increasingly important, what does that mean for the profile of your people?”.

All in all, another fantastic event with strong speakers, beautiful discussions but also just Conviviality and good food together. Gwynt thanks everyone for their contribution and presence.

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