Gwynt mountain bike clinic 2017


23 June 2017


23 June 2017

It was tough weather, last Wednesday afternoon, June 7, with typical Dutch skies, wind and rain(showers). Ideal conditions to challenge the participants of the Gwynt mountain bike clinic. Who will brave the elements and improve their mtb skills with real pros.

Full of enthusiasm and with a slanted eye on rainfall radar, one by one the participants came riding up the farm in Groesbeek, which was again the base for our MTB clinic this year. The views of the surroundings, rolling hills and green pastures were again breathtaking.

Because of the tough course, we started with a delicious and nutritious lunch to recharge energy. Old and new acquaintances meanwhile shared wonderful (cycling) stories, led by Adrie van der Poel who, as a regular, managed to captivate everyone with tales of his son’s achievements and, of course, his own rich experiences.

Time to get the bikes ready, put on the brand new Gwynt cycling shirt and surrender to the guides of MTB-clinic.

After brief instruction, a group photo and a cycling warm-up, participants were tested on self-reflection: Do I go along with “I can ride a bike, know how to change gears but would still like to learn how to mtb” or with “Huh guidance….? I’ll show you how”. The division was made and the 2 groups were able to hit the road.

Participants were challenged in many ways: smoothly over a log, sharp turns in a slalom, tough climbs and descents and even a flock of sheep that was grazing on the course. If you look carefully, lay your bike flat in the turn and distribute your balance well, mountain biking ultimately turns out to be not difficult. Except for those who wanted to take a break from the clinic for a wine pairing at the Jachtslot Mookerhei.

The guides from treated the participants to 2 hours of varied trails, techniques and maneuvers so that everyone arrived back at the farm as a better MTB rider.

After a nice hot shower and a massage for those who wanted, the BBQ was well enjoyed. Good company, drinks and delicious food were fine ingredients to talk after, enjoy but also to make new contacts and exchange ideas.

With a setting sun and satisfied mountain bikers, the seventh Gwynt mountain bike clinic was once again over … An afternoon of and with old acquaintances, new faces, sporty and convivial, as if it were a family reunion.
Glad you were there (again) to make it a memorable day and special thanks to Adrie and the instructors of for their positive and wise guidance.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!