Gamechangerz in Food “Transitioning our food system”

7 March 2023

7 March 2023

Introducing Gamechangerz in Food

Gamechangerz in Food is the platform of research firm GfK and organizational consulting firm Gwynt, which anticipates the challenging market dynamics in which many companies are currently engaged. This new reality in food requires companies to make clear choices. In which knowledge sharing and partnerships can be decisive. This is why Gamechangerz in Food offers complementary companies a platform for insights, inspiration, interaction and co-creation on a regular basis.


On March 15, with the help of guest speakers from GfK, Van Loon and Mosa Meat, we will reflect on the transition of our food system during the first edition of the year 2023.

Opportunities of a food system in transition

The food transition presents a unique challenge to position your company as a winner in the new landscape. This edition of Gamechangerz is packed with ingredients to make this happen and offers ample opportunities to catch up with old and new contacts in your network.

The current agricultural and food system is becoming ecologically, socially and economically stagnant. This challenge comes on top of the other crises currently driving your agenda. At the same time, the call for stakeholder change in your play becomes much more compelling. During the event, we will take the time to make the problem practical and tangible by working together to find answers to questions such as:

  • What does the food transition mean for my business?
  • What risks and opportunities does this transition bring?
  • How and where do I start?

Be there?

Wednesday, March 15 from 2:30 – 8:00 p.m.

The Waste Factory Huygensweg 10, 5466 AN Veghel

Register at:

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Do you also recognize the opportunities for transition within your company, the creative ideas are there but missing, for example, sharpening and/or differentiating type NPD processes? And would you like to talk through your challenges with us without obligation? Or would you like to receive the complete summary of this meeting of Gamechangerz in Food? Then feel free to contact us and get in touch with one of our professionals who daily help entrepreneurial food companies with structural improvements in commercial, operational and financial performance.

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