Time for a reset – New perspective in the new normal


11 May 2020


11 May 2020

In recent weeks, the world has changed faster than in the entire past year. Although many questions remain for the future, the first contours of the new normal are now emerging.

A tremendous amount of energy and creativity has been released to secure the business. A confirmation that people are naturally good at improvising, at the risk of blurring vision for the future.

Just a few weeks ago, there was a clear strategy, plan and projects for the current year. To what extent do these still match the new challenges and opportunities?

Let us challenge and, above all, help you establish a new perspective with the right priorities.

Setting course in one day

Gwynt brings direction and refreshment through one (digital) workshop. Step by step, we bring together market, vision and expertise:

  1. What happened to us and what did we learn?
  2. What impact will this have on our industry and our business?
  3. Do new challenges or opportunities arise as a result?
  4. How do we translate this back into strategy and approach?

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