Flash delivery: The channel of the future, now!


1 January 1970


1 January 1970

Introducing Gamechangerz in Food

Gamechangerz in Food is the platform of research firm GfK and organizational consulting firm Gwynt, which anticipates the challenging market dynamics in which many companies are currently engaged. This new reality in food requires companies to make clear choices. In which knowledge sharing and partnerships can be decisive. This is why Gamechangerz in Food offers complementary companies a platform for insights, inspiration, interaction and co-creation on a regular basis.

On March 16, with the help of guest speakers from GfK and Heineken, we reflected on flash delivery.

Flash delivery:

An important aspect of innovation is the balance between professionalizing while remaining entrepreneurial. “If a company strays too far into professionalization, you end up with a bureaucratic process-oriented company, when that is exactly what you don’t want. On the other hand, if you are too entrepreneurial, you often see that companies have all kinds of ideas, but then it gets stuck in the business. Or that it takes so much power and energy that they can’t make it profitable.” The challenge: finding a balance between professionalization and entrepreneurship. During this edition of Gamechangerz, GfK provided insights from the consumer – what they think are the successes of innovation – and Katja provided great examples from the practice/producer.

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Do you also see the potential for flash delivery for your business but lack the approach to the optimal channel strategy, for example? And would you like to talk through your challenges in flash delivery with us without obligation? Or would you like to receive the complete summary of this meeting of Gamechangerz in Food? Then feel free to contact us and get in touch with one of our professionals who daily help entrepreneurial food companies with structural improvements in commercial, operational and financial performance. GWYNT helps the family business, to find this balance and set a steady course. “One that both family and company see themselves in.”

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