1 januari 2008

Categorieën: Business Cases, Food, Industry


A division of an international producer of ingredients for the food industry, with a turnover of €150 million and 650 employees, this company develops, produces and sells sweeteners around the world. It is part of a large cooperation.


One of the company’s larger sites was under-performing; its cost structure was too high and its results were unsatisfactory and, more significantly, unpredictable. A drastic transformation was need on all fronts: commercial, production, logistics, planning and control. Gwynt was given a year to work with the company’s international team to manage the site’s restructuring programme and change management process.


After conducting a thorough scan, we drew up a transition plan that has since been implemented. This has enabled processes such as production, warehousing and planning to be reorganised efficiently and the company’s proposition to the market to be adapted. We also carried out a spend analysis, which has led to big savings in the procurement of primary and secondary flows. Members of our team provided interim management for several crucial positions throughout the site.


The restructuring of the site has led to drastic and structural improvements:

  • EBIT increase of €2.5 million a year
  • Reduced workforce by about 150 employees
  • Professionalisation of the whole organisation
  • Continuity and growth for the site

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